The vehicle fully instrumented vehicle prototype driving on the Kart track near the I-FEVS headquarters, in highly dynamic manoeuvres including high longitudinal as well as lateral accelerations.

The vehicle dynamics controllers developed by UoS within TELL are being tested near the I-FEVS headquarters (Kart track) on a fully instrumented vehicle prototype, featuring the newly developed powertrains, also including a Kistler optical sensor and a dSPACE MicroAutbox unit, for rapid control prototyping.

The power loss measurements on the TELL inverter show a great improvement (almost -30%) compared to the baseline one, which was using previous MOSFET technology. The values of peak and average efficiency of the inverter are also impressive.

High Efficiency Low-Voltage PMaSynRM Motor and high Performance Low-Voltage Inverter used in the TELL project ready for vehicle integration in the 4WD demonstrator. SRI 200 MOTOR and TM4 TAUTRONIC AC-X1 100V/375A inverter.

New powertrain prototype developed in TELL by DANA TM4 tested on bench

First steps for the TELL vehicle demonstrators at I-FEVS headquarter

Vehicle demonstrators tested on the I-FEVS rolling road with the benchmarking powertrain

The 2 TELL vehicle chassis are ready for the integration of the powertrains from DANA TM4 and Valeo