Breakthrough technology based on Si-MOSFETs that can be exploited in all automotive segments.

Novel GaN HEMTs and Si MOSFETs based inverters, with peak efficiency >98%, average efficiency >97%, specifically designed for urban driving cycles, with average efficiency >96% in the 0-40 km/h speed range.

Flexible and intelligent architecture that allows self-adaptation of parameters in the four-wheel-drive configuration.

Electric Motors

Novel high-efficiency synchronous motors and synchronous reluctance motors assisted by permanent magnets, specifically designed for peak efficiency in urban driving cycles with average efficiency >96% in the 0-40 km/h speed range.

Novel analog angle sensor with integrated angle calculation.

Inverter and motor assembly

Absence of connectors with cables between inverter and motor.

Thin metal sheet to magnetically isolate the inverter from the low frequency magnetic fields emitted by the motor.

Electric motor and transmission assembly

Easy assembly with high accuracy of the alignment of the two shafts.

Powertrain architecture

Four-wheel-drive architecture with improved acceleration and climbing performance, high energy recuperation, excellent fail-safe properties.

Vehicle handling

The advantage of distributing the powertrain between the two axles results in a flexible chassis layout with ideal mass distribution.

The active variation of the front-to-total wheel torque distribution improves the steady-state and transient cornering response. This includes enhancement of the steering response, traction capability and vehicle stability, which can be implemented with a continuously active controller.

Electrical and electronic (EE) architecture

Partitioned architecture with an intra-board cyber-physical network based on automotive grade identical macro-functionality boards.


Integration of innovative low-cost device protecting the overall E/E architecture through quanto-crypto technologies.

System cost and manufacturing

Focus on cost reduction through design and manufacturing applying Industry 4.0 concepts in the production of the electric powertrains as well as the full vehicle (micro-factory concept).